Monday, March 28, 2011

Gavel to Gavel

2011 is panning out the way it should have years ago. The old boys brethren is under siege and right now there are 10 judges (9 state, 1 federal) and at least one but working on three NH Marital Masters that are the target of impeachment or removal efforts in the state legislatures across the country this year. Congratulations, Massachusetts is in the lead. You have to love progress.......

Friday, March 18, 2011

NH House investigating impeaching marital master

With the complaints emerging in every legislator’s office about the courts and DCYF, constituents should be very concerned about the 105 who did not vote for an investigation. This state owes 35 million for Medicaid fraud repaying since 2004, who knows what will happen with the banking department, the liquor commission and now the impeachment of Judges and Marital Masters, the conduct of these individuals is more than concerning they all failed to recognize the significance of multiple consumer complaints...

Phillip Cross is one example, other examples are Marital Master Alice Love, Judge Bamberger and unfortunately the list goes on…..

Under Superior Court rules for Marital Masters 12- 14 D. DIVISION OF HUMAN SERVICES REFERRALS
"No referrals for New Hampshire Division of Human Services investigations are to be automatically approved, even when the parties agree. A “show cause” hearing is to be required except in extraordinary circumstances, and when referrals are approved, inquiry is to be made to determine if the party or parties are to bear the costs of reference…"

You have to ask yourself in reference to the telegraph article on 2/24/11 about 3-year-old Christian Jackson who died of “blunt force trauma” and whose death has been ruled as a homicide, whether or not it could it have been avoided if a show cause hearing was done and the division of children youth and families was required to keep him safe. Both the courts and the division of DCYF failed this child one is too many.

Or 2009, a 10 year old girl was being abused by her mother, neighbors called over 300 times without DCYF intervention until she almost dropped in school – telegraph 12/14/06. They are not getting better they are getting worst.

State and Federal Reports round two since 2003 show that the Division of Children Youth and Families and the courts that are supported by them, have failed 67 % of the children and families they are suppose to serve, and that includes the Judges who heard the cases because they did not fully review the material. In several cases the Judges have acted on matters that they had no subject matter or personal jurisdiction to take action on. Documents show that Judges have ordered payments for the non-accused non indigent parents attorneys contrary to NH RSA 169-C:27 (f) and specifically NH RSA 169-C:10 II (a).

The DCYF offices are so unfit that under NH RSA 169- C: 3XXVI Relative placement – they consistently say no relatives could be reached – however every child has an emergency contact card at school and social workers have NEVER shown they utilized this to contact relatives.

Under NH RSA 169-C:28 De Novo Appeals (to be heard anew) in the Superior Court lack consistency across the board in the State of NH and the administration of Superior Courts has no idea of what the protocol is, this is a due process violation to all constituents who have been involved in these types of hearings, simply because the appeal is not made available to ALL. Nevermind the numerous other reasons.

Lets mention the confidential court thing… what else don’t they want the public to know? These legislators should be disgusted and THEY need to get to the bottom of these issues. The above is just a small sample of the abuse families in NH suffer daily CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS the “live free or die motto” was never meant to reflect bureaucrats’ enrichment off the rest of the state.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Only to Avoid Jail Time - Ass. County Attorney resigns but gets to practice LAW assault WIFE now backing off and in court how much did that cost??

Union Leader Correspondent

An assistant county attorney charged with assaulting his wife in January has voluntarily resigned as a county prosecutor under a court agreement reached Monday.
In addition to resigning from the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office, Joseph Fricano also agreed that he will never work as a prosecutor or law enforcement officer in the state, although he can still practice law.
Fricano, 37, of Belmont Drive, has been on leave from his job since his arrest on Jan. 31. Fricano had been a county prosecutor for four years, and was a former Nashua police officer for seven years.
He was set to stand trial Monday on charges of simple assault, criminal mischief and obstructing the report of a crime, all misdemeanors, at the Merrimack District Court. Instead, an agreement was reached between the state and the defense allowing Fricano to resign from his job, not seek future employment in the state as a prosecutor or police officer and maintain anger management counseling. In exchange, the charges against him will be dropped in one year if Fricano complies with the terms of the agreement and remains on good behavior.
"There is no question that my client is being held to a higher standard because he is an attorney," said Adam Bernstein, Fricano's attorney. "Although these are severe consequences, he is doing this in large part for his family. He wants to move on in a positive manner."
Fricano will still have his license to practice law, according to Bernstein, who said there will be no convictions on his client's record.
"This was a tremendously difficult ordeal for him," Bernstein said of Fricano, describing his client as a man dedicated to serving his community as a former Marine Corp member, police officer and county prosecutor.
He was accused of grabbing Kimberly Fricano's wrist and striking it while she tried to call police during an argument on Jan. 31 at their residence. He also allegedly pulled down a shower curtain and shower rod while his wife was taking a shower.
Bernstein said Fricano and his wife are trying to mend their marriage, and that she is supportive of her husband and was in attendance for yesterday's court hearing. She also relayed to the court -- through her legal counsel -- that she thought her husband's punishment was too harsh.
"She would like to see this not happen. She would like to see this case go away," Prosecutor Geoffrey Ward told Judge Clifford Kinghorn. However, Ward told the court that it is essential for Fricano to understand that there are consequences for certain actions, and that county attorneys and police officers are held to higher standards.

New Hampshire DCYF a constant failure - consistent deprival to many

Childs death may have been avoided if DCYF did their job and a Marital Master had not heard the case per rules 12-14 for marital masters.'s+arrest&articleId=48a618ac-4ffe-4a31-9e4d-cee767b4382c

A state juvenile parole officer of DCYF of course, because who else hires these jerks, this guy hits his own wife in a police station parking lot with his car. DCYF/DHHS has no comment as usual - because its typical you have to ask how this man handled the cases assigned to him.