Monday, November 28, 2011

"the trust and confidence" of citizens is seriously undermined

When it comes to the Department of Health and Human Services Nationwide and most assuredly in New Hampshire, "the trust and confidence" of citizens is seriously undermined.

The Following article shows how out of touch the New Hampshire Court System is: "In 2007, the state Supreme Court ruled the state underpaid the providers but said the agencies would have to sue to recover their money." Ensuring that a system already backed up, does not have the power to decide a case based on the stipulations of a simple contract (Contract's in America are actually suppose to be legally binding and are a consensual exchange).  This article shows this case had to go back and reintroduce the same case in a Civil Suit; essentially a waste of time and money on attorney's to have the contract paid (enforced); and an additional burden on tax payers due to the duplication and additional court time and unfair to the businesses trying to provide services.  Government at it's best:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Indian Heritage-Children Removed by NH DCYF

From the Puritans to the Jacksonian time period 1832 and trail of tears, through modern times; the European immigrants of the past as the citizens today; have left lingering effects upon the rights and lives of the Native Americans of this country.
A recent 20/20 segment with Diane Sawyer talked about the "Hidden America -Children of the Plains" and didn't come close to giving Americans any more understanding today than they had in 1675 when Metacom's War; or as white historians have name it King Phillips war broke out; in large part due to the fact that those immigrants took little to no effort to understand the cultural patterns and needs of Native Americans. The children of the plains are not the only Indian children in this country living in poverty and alcoholism. There are existence's of tribes in almost every state in the United States; yet we do not know of their plights nor have they been fairly compensated for the erroneous and numerous wrongs done to them throughout this country's history, and the parents need help and children need them to have that help; not be torn away to be assimilated to another completely alien culture.
The attached link shows that New Hampshire continues to wrong these people; now through the Department of Children Youth and Families. Specific failings can be attributed to Maggie Bishop and those before her, as shown in the link attached and the State of New Hampshire continues to fail not only the indigenous people who share our country and state but it fails over 66% of people they serve throughout the state and has the highest non-return of child to parent ratio in the country.
Don't talk to strangers... really parents of New Hampshire; be warned Don't talk with these people at DCYF without your lawyer present. For a wealth of Information on this topic check out Mrs. Knightly's site by clicking on the title. If you find her site to have to much rhetoric; and/or if her plight as a grandparent activist doesn't convince you that there is a problem in recognizing the natural rights of parents and children; the real evidence preserved in her blog from the National Government and numerous other cases will soften even the hardest of hearts although probably not the horrigans of this state.